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Unlock music theory on the ukulele and apply it directly to your repertoire analysis, learning, and performance stages

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" Mustafa gently walks you through the concepts and vocabulary of a logical but big subject. Each video offers just enough for understanding right now, with the promise that more is covered in later videos in the course. It’s just enough to inform but not overwhelm." - Beth - Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics Student

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Have you ever wondered…

  • How does music work? and why does it sound the way it does?

  • After spending hours practising the fingerings and rhythms, you still feel like something is ‘missing’ in your performance? What’s worse, you can’t progress to the harder repertoire?

  • How to make accurate, personal, and musical decisions on fingerings, dynamics, and phrasing?

  • How to arrange your favorite music on the ukulele? and how to compose your own music?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then playing music theory is the answer:

  • Music is made of elements, both objective and subjective, to flow through time between dissonance and consonance

  • These elements can be broken down to their smallest units such as a single pitch, to their larger constructs such as intervals and chords, to even larger unit such as motifs and periods

  • Understanding how music works directly impacts your playing. If you know how a certain note, motif, or passage fits in its surroundings it will change how you play it musically (example: adding a rit or a vibrato) and technically (example: playing it open or closed and which finger to use)

  • Knowing how a song is composed allows you to arrange it convincingly for your instrument in any style, setting, or ensemble you choose

  • Anyone can write a song! just play a melody in key, add the tonic and dominant, strumming pattern, and you’re set. Well, not really!↓

  • Theory can impact your song writing in an objective manner (form, rhythm, key), and subjective (symbolism in dissonance vs consonance resolutions)

If you’re on this page, chances are you’ve already tried to answer these question, either on your own or via teacher/course:

  • On your own the task seems impossible: textbooks are so dense and complicated, the examples are all for the piano and no one tells you what to listen for.

  • tutorials on YouTube make it look so easy yet you can’t follow the theory elite ‘jargon’ language. Nor find a path or direction to progress.

  • Online theory courses seem to be taught by really good and experienced players but not by good teachers: demonstrations are too long and fast paced without enough time to explain the theory, or it gets too complicated very quickly

  • Private lessons are too expensive and music theory can be irrelative to your instrument and/or focus too much on classical music

I know exactly how you feel, I too was once a student who had similar challenges. Which is exactly why I set out to create Ukulele Fretboard Harmony course. Here is what one of the early adapters has to say about the course

“What is especially helpful is that each module is broken down into very short videos, so you won’t be overwhelmed by the material and, if you want to review any one concept, it is easy to find.

Even in the beginning videos, there is something to learn. Just last winter a friend and I were puzzling over why two arrangements of the same Christmas carol were in ¾ time and two others were in 6/8. Question answered in this course.

Mustafa gently walks you through the concepts and vocabulary of a logical but big subject. Each video offers just enough for understanding right now, with the promise that more is covered in later videos in the course. It’s just enough to inform but not overwhelm.

What a great find! I’ve been looking for a music theory course for ukulele but hadn’t found one till Fretboard Harmony. This course is going to jump my understanding of music and my playing/musicality way ahead of where it would be if I were only taking lessons.”

  • - B. Kelly -

I’m proud to announce the release of Ukulele Fretboard Harmony, a complete and structured approach to music theory that mirrors most royal conservatory programs in North America with a unique approach to applied theory on the fretboard, except at a fraction of the cost.

So, you might ask what is Ukulele Fretboard Harmony course?

  • A course that links music theory with performance practice

  • Complete theory course for beginner to advanced ukulele players

  • Covers Harmony level 1 - 3 in most conservatory programs as well as first year bachelor level theory

  • Unique and ambitious approach of applying western tonal harmony directly on the fretboard

  • Costs less than 4 private lessons

  • Taught by a fingerstyle specialist (that’s me!) who for the past 12 years has focused all of his university education (BMus and MMus) on fingerstyle pedagogy and applied theory on student to concert level repertoire

  • Includes over 100 video lectures, over 6 hours, and growing.


Access all 10 modules in a one-time fee membership.

The Basics

3 modules for absolute beginners that teach you notation, rhythm, and introduction to simple concepts

Harmony I

1 Module teaching you steps method, intervals, key signatures, triads, circle of fifths, 7th chords and more

Harmony II

1 Module teaching you cadences, chord progressions formula, roman analysis, modulation, secondary dominants, non chord tones, and more!


1 module teaching you common classical and popular forms, periods, phrases, and motifs

The Grid - Fretboard

Learn where notes are on the fretboard using zones without the need of a cheat chart. Better yet, unlock the fretboard without needing to know notes at all using fret equivalents!

Moveable shapes

3 modules, imagine if you can take the concepts you’ve learned in Harmony I-II and apply it directly on the ukulele?

Ukulele Fretboard Harmony is huge! To be honest, creating it wasn’t easy, there were times where I thought of just giving up and resuming private lessons. But I’m glad I didn’t, because after teaching for 12 years, I truly believe in the power of online courses:

  • Online courses are the best investment a student can make. Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics can easily cover your first 1 to 3 years of private lessons at a cost less than 4 private lessons!

  • Online courses enhance private lessons! My current course students have a breeze in their lessons when handling difficult repertoire because they already have the technique, music, and fingerings ready to go.

    They only need a lesson or two to talk about the ‘higher tier’ stuff. Again, this saves them a lot of money – instead of booking 4-8 lessons per song, they can tackle 2 songs per lesson

  • Online courses are perfect for adult students: pause, rewind, fast forward, jump through lecture, rewatch, slow down, and watch whenever/wherever you want

  • You don’t have to commit a weekly slot to a teacher in a busy life schedule. Learn at your own pace and comfort.

What's Included In Ukulele Fretboard Harmony?

The ultimate learning experience for adult ukulele students

100+ Value Packed Video Tutorials (6+ Hours)

Enrolment grants you access to all future updates

Modular Learning

Follow along in the order presented to you or jump around to the lessons of most interest.


Access MK Fingerstyle Academy Private Facebook group to receive feedback and encouragement from fellow peers and myself.

50+ Downloads

Discounts on Gear/Software

Discounts on partnered brands on instruments, accessories, music sheet, and software

Offline Viewing

Lessons are available online or offline via the Teachable app (iOS only)

What do our students say?

"This is a great course! If you want to move beyond strumming chords and progress as a musician, understand what you are playing, create your own arrangements and even write music, this course is for you. It's a thorough grounding in general music theory that you can apply to any instrument, plus how it's implemented specifically on the ukulele. I haven't seen anything else like it."



" Ukulele Fretboard Harmony is an excellent educational resource that is both comprehensive and surprisingly accessible. I have found the concise and organized videos do a very good job of breaking down complex
musical concepts. I've also been impressed by the scope of material that the course covers.

The focus is refreshingly on music theory for the sake of improving performance and appreciation of musical repertoire rather than theory for the sake of theory. There

 is something here for anyone hoping to bring
their musical knowledge and performance to the next level."



"Ukulele Fretboard Harmony takes a gentle approach to learning music theory (which is usually a scary concept for most people). The videos are divided into small concepts that build upon each other until all of a sudden you realize how much you've learned. Almost every ukulele player I've met talks about wanting to learn these concepts but have been put off by the usual music theory approach and confusing vocabulary. This course is different by offering small sections, frequent examples, and checkpoints that will provide a great benefit to all…Lifetime membership and being able to replay the videos can't be underestimated"





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